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Thief (シーフ, Shīfu) is an Element Wheel released by Takara Tomy as part of the Synchrome System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BBG-09 Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 1 Thief Phoenic E230GCF on April 21, 2012, and in Western countries with the release of the SS-09 Thief Phoenix E230GCF Starter Pack in August 2013.


Thief is a three-sided Element Wheel that has a flame-patterned wing design with rightward facing feathers. The Fire Element symbol is displayed on the Element Wheel. One of its three wings is larger than the others, which in theory creates an imbalance. In practice however, the effect on balance is negligible due to the Element Wheel's light weight. Like other Element Wheels, Thief is outclassed in every regard by a second Warrior Wheel in a Synchrome. In the WBO's MFB Limited Format, Thief finds use in Attack Combinations, as its three-sided shape synergizes with Warrior Wheels such as Phoenic. While such Combinations have heavier recoil than options such as the Pegasis Wheel, it is still a viable and versatile attacker.


As with all Element Wheels, Thief is outclassed in all aspects by the use of Warrior Wheels, which are used in Synchrome combinations. However, if a Blader intends to compete in the WBO's MFB Limited Format, Thief is an excellent option to pair with Phoenic for Attack Combinations.

As such, Thief is recommended for collection purposes only.


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