Cyclops C4 is an Energy Layer released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Cyclops C4 & Phoenix P4 Dual Pack.


Hasbro's Cyclops C4 is a Stamina Type Energy Layer that's round in shape. Its design consists of ten wall-like protrusions with a gold-painted ring that sits on top of them and surrounds the Layer's center rim, only being interrupted by a large protrusion above the center of the of the Layer. Each of these ten protrusions have ten individual gaps in between five pairs of two protrusions. Five of these gaps are mostly filled in, and each one has a translucent-white plastic protrusion that sits on top of them; these translucent protrusions placed in a star-like formation. In the center of the Layer is a giant monstrous face with a giant eye and large bottom teeth that's depicted facing forward, along with a stylized "C" above the face. The face represents Cyclops C4's namesake; the Cyclops, a one-eyed primordial giant in Greek and Roman mythology. As a part of the SlingShock System, Cyclops C4 features regular plastic instead of metal in its design; in this case, the gold-painted ring is made of plastic. The inclusion of plastic makes Cyclops C4 fast enough the ride the Rail System of the SlingShock Beystadium/Rail Rush Beystadium, albeit at the cost of being lighter than most SwitchStrike Layers.

Akin to most other Turbo Layers, Cyclops C4 is compatible with a Level Chip that can be fitted underneath the Layer.








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