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This article is about the Hasbro version. For the Takara Tomy version, see Energy Layer - Dranzer Spiral (Takara Tomy).

Dranzer Spiral is a Energy Layer released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Dragoon Storm & Dranzer S Dual Pack.


Hasbro's Dranzer Spiral is a Burst System adaptation of the Double Wing Attack Ring and Dranzer Bit Chip from the Original Series' Spin Gear System. As such it features an overall elliptical shape with two bird heads and wings on either side which act as the main points of contact creating an aggressive, recoil heavy shape and an image of the Bit Beast Dranzer in the center. The only differences between the Energy Layer and the original Attack Ring is that the Layer is much thicker overall, the wings are more compact making the Layer somewhat smaller, and the "Bit Chip" is non-removable. The slopes of Dranzer Spiral are unable to withstand the recoil that comes with the aggressive shape causing it to Self-Burst very easily.


Hasbro's Dranzer Spiral is virtually unchanged from Takara Tomy's Dranzer Spiral with the same high recoil, light weight and poor Burst Resistance.

As such, Hasbro's Dranzer Spiral is recommended for collection purposes only.