Driger Slash (ドライガースラッシュ, Doraigā Surasshu) is an Energy Layer released as part of Beyblade's 15th Anniversary for the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4 Quad Quetzalcoatl.J.P on October 22nd, 2016. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the Driger S & Dragoon Fighter Dual Pack.


Driger Slash is an adaptation of the Tiger Defenser Attack Ring and Driger Bit Chip from the original Plastic Generation meant for the Burst System. As such, it features an overall elliptical shape with two tiger heads with large wings that form the main points of contact and an image of the Bit Beast Driger in the center. The only differences between the Energy Layer and the original Attack Ring is that the Layer is much thicker overall, the wings are slightly more compact making the Layer somewhat smaller, the wings no longer have Upper Attack slopes and the "Bit Chip" is non-removable. Driger Slash features four teeth, the first is medium in length, the next three are tall in length, so tall that there have been reports of the Layer "sticking" in between clicks.

While the elliptical shape and large wings of Driger Slash may imply heavy recoil and high levels of Burst Attack, in reality the points of contact are actually compact due to their acute angle and thus reduce this Layer's recoil to below that of Valtryek V2's. Furthermore, the Burst resistance of its teeth is mitigated by the Layer's light weight caused by its hollow construction. While Driger Slash can have some potential in Anti-Attack Combinations against Valtryek and Xcalius by catching their points of contact and Bursting them against its own Burst resistance, with the release of the heavier SwitchStrike/God Layer System, this niche use is no longer viable.


While Driger Slash's strong teeth made it the most viable of the four original re-releases, it still has the same problem of light weight from its hollow design. Furthermore, with the release of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, this flaw has become crippling.

As such, Driger Slash is recommended for collection purposes only.


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