[Insert Hasbro Name], known as Duo Eclipse (デュオエクリプス, Deyuo Ekuripusu) in Japan, also stylized as Duo αeclipse, is a God Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-00 CoroCoro Exclusive Booster Duo Eclipse 7Star Unite in February 2018.


Duo Eclipse is a Balance Type Energy Layer that is the result of the combination of Duo Apollos and Duo Artemis via the two Layers' shared Switch-Strike/God Layer System gimmick. The left side of the Layer features the Duo Apollos half with multiple notches on each side, akin to Draciel Shield, and the right side features the Duo Artemis half with two blades akin to Minoboros. The combination of Duo Apollos, the sun, and Duo Artemis, the moon, represent the Layer's namesake: an eclipse.

The hybrid design of Duo Eclipse is meant to create a mixed performance between Defense and Attack, however, like most Balance Type parts, this leads to mediocre performance in both categories. While the Duo Artemis portion's blades have a shape well suited for Attack, the pointed design of the Duo Apollos portion is ill-suited for Defense or Stamina and instead functions akin to a three pointed Xcalius. While the aggressiveness of the hybrid design and the strong teeth may imply high Attack potential, Duo Eclipse is very lightweight for a Switch-Strike/God Layer due to its thinness and as such possesses a significant self-Burst risk as the light weight creates low inertia.


While Duo Eclipse has strong teeth, its shape is simply too aggressive and its weight is too light to be effective, a factor that is exacerbated through the use of heavy Layers in the current metagame such as Sieg Xcalibur.

As such, Duo Eclipse is recommended for collection purposes only.


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