Fafnir F3, known as Drain Fafnir (ドレインファブニル, Dorēn Fabunīru) in Japan, is an Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-79 Starter Drain Fafnir 8 Nothing on April 29th, 2017. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the SwitchStrike Starter Pack Fafnir F3 8 Nothing.


Fafnir F3 is a somewhat triangular Energy Layer designed for Stamina that features three side profile dragon heads with clear plastic "nose horns" along the perimeter, an "F" along with each dragon that sticks out slightly at two points from the perimeter and three claws grasping the center God Chip, meant to represent this Layer's namesake; Fafnir the Nordic Dragon of Greed. These molding details gives Fafnir F3 both a rough perimeter and a high Outward Weight Distribution and Flywheel Effect by concentrating the weight along the perimeter. The Japanese release of Drain Fafnir, features three teeth of medium-high length, akin to those found on Lost Longinus.

Fafnir F3 features two gimmicks: The first is that this Layer is Left-Spin, opposite to most other Beyblades. The second is that the "F"s are made of rubber, akin to the L-Drago II Clear Wheel from Metal Fight Beyblade. The inclusion of rubber aids in this Layer's ability to Spin Equalize with a Right-Spin opponent.

While the triangular shape and rough perimeter of Fafnir F3 may imply recoil, the Left-Spin nature of this Layer reduces recoil against a Right-Spin opponent and even when against a Left-Spin opponent, the protrusions are too shallow to cause any noticeable recoil and Stamina loss. When spinning slower than a Right-Spin opponent, the rubber "F"s, "horns" and rounded shape of Fafnir F3 allows for Spin Equalization, where the Layers of two opposite spinning Beyblades work akin to gears and equally distribute their spin, by acting as a cushion against impact, increasing friction between Layers, acting as a "hook" for the other Beyblade to catch into and propel Fafnir F3 faster and reducing recoil to increase the rate of contact. However, the effect, while still there, is not as great as that of the L-Drago II Wheel as the amount of exposed rubber along the perimeter is less than that on the aforementioned Wheel.

When against a Left-Spin opponent, Fafnir F3 cannot Spin Equalize, in this case the clear plastic "horn" of each dragon head receives the first impact to deflect attacks like standard Stamina Type Layers and the friction of the rubber acts as brakes; stopping the Layer of the opponent and causing them to Burst so long as they have less Burst resistance. However if Fafnir F3 has less Burst resistance against a Left-Spin opponent, the friction of the rubber can cause a Fafnir F3 combination to Self-Burst.

However, due to the low amount of exposed rubber, Fafnir F3 struggles to Spin Equalize against Layers with smooth, round designs such as Blaze Ragnaruk and Maximum Garuda.

Use in Balance Combinations

Drain Fafnir can be put to use in the Spin Equalization/Stamina/Defense Balance Combination Drain Fafnir 0/2/4/5/7 Glaive/Cross Atomic/Bearing/Destroy. The heavy weight of 0/2/4/5/7 Glaive/Cross will bolster KO resistance and will synergize with the Outward Weight Distribution of the Layer to increase Stamina. Atomic/Bearing/Destroy and Cross/Glaive will supply the procession needed to win by Out Spin and the KO resistance to stay within the stadium to improve chances of victory by Out Spin while the Left-Spin nature of Drain Fafnir will further reduce recoil against a Right-Spin opponent.


Drain Fafnir is a great and versatile Left Spin Energy Layer with high potential in Spin Equalization/Defense Balance Combinations due to its high Burst resistance and Stamina. While it may struggle against Layers such as Deep Chaos, Drain Fafnir's effectiveness against Top-Tier Attack Layers such as Legend Spriggan and Sieg Xcalibur made it a Top-Tier Layer for Defense/Stamina Combinations. However, with the release of Spriggan Requiem, Drain Fafnir has become outclassed.

As such, Drain Fafnir is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.

Differences in the Hasbro Version

Hasbro's Fafnir F3 is mostly identical to Takara Tomy's Drain Fafnir with the only visual difference being the God Chip as it is now irremovable. Performance wise, Fafnir F3 does not Spin Equalize as well as its Takara Tomy counterpart as the rubber used is harder and thus has less friction, but the effect is still there and is strong enough to win by the same Spin Equalization strategy. However, with the release of Spryzen Requiem S3, Fafnir F3 has become outclassed.

As such, Fafnir F3 is also not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.


Takara Tomy



Takara Tomy



  • Since Fengriff F2 and Fafnir F3 both use the letter F in their abbreviations and emblems, Fafnir F3 uses an inverted F for differentiation.
  • Drain Fafnir is one of the few Layers to not have its name changed in the Hasbro's release, aside from the added F3 suffix.


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