Forneus F4, known as Emperor Forneus (エンペラーフォルネウス, Enperā Foruneusu) in Japan, is an Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-106 Booster Emperor Forneus 0 Yard on March 17th, 2018. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the SlingShock Starter Pack Forneus F4 0 Yard-S.


Forneus F4 is a round Defense Type Energy Layer that features twelve counter-clockwise blades that create a low-recoil design and two shark heads that go from the perimeter to the center, meant to represent the Layer's namesake; the sea monster Forneus, a Great Marquis of Hell in demonology, the sea monster. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Emperor Forneus features metal in its design; in this case, in the shark details. The inclusion of metal makes Emperor Forneus heavier than most SwitchStrike/God Layers.

The placement of the metal improves Defense potential by not only increasing the weight but by creating a Centralized Weight Distribution which resists movement. However, the blades of Forneus F4 are warped which creates recoil akin to Nova Neptune or Psychic Phantom, and the Centralized Weight Distribution creates poor Stamina, though the warped blades can create Destabilization potential and the heavy weight and strong teeth of the Takara Tomy release of Emperor Forneus can compensate for the recoil.

Like many other Cho-Z Layers, Emperor Forneus is unbalanced which increases Burst risk and drains Stamina. However, these issues can be solved with the use of a Level Chip that fits underneath the Layer.

Use in Defense Combinations

Emperor Forneus can be put to use in the Defense Combination Emperor Forneus 0/2/4/5/7/10 Cross/Glaive/Bump Atomic/Orbit. The heavy weight, tall teeth and counter-clockwise blades of Emperor Forneus gives this Combination high KO and Burst resistance while the warping of the blades can also Destabilize the opponent. The heavy weight of 0/2/4/5/7/10 bolsters KO resistance and Stamina while Atomic/Orbit can further bolster Stamina and KO resistance while Atomic specifically can add Life After Death along with Cross/Glaive.


Emperor Forneus features heavy weight, a low recoil design and destabilization potential, which made it a once Top-Tier choice for Defense Combinations. However, with the release of Archer Hercules, Hell Salamander, and Revive Phoenix, Emperor Forneus has become outclassed.

As such, Emperor Forneus is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.

Differences in the Hasbro Version

To facilitate the gimmick of the SlingShock BeyStadiums, Hasbro's Forneus F4 has its metal replaced with regular plastic, increasing its overall speed at the cost of halved weight and inertia. Aside from the removal of metal, it is virtually unchanged from Takara Tomy's Emperor Forneus with the same low-recoil design, destabilization potential, and compatibility with Level Chips. Furthermore, it features sturdy slopes as well. While SwitchStrike Layers such as Balkesh B3 and Spryzen Requiem S3 make better choices for Defense Combinations, Forneus F4's sturdy slopes, low-recoil design and destabilization potential makes it a great alternative if the aforementioned Layers are unavailable.

As such, Forneus F4 is recommended for collection purposes only if one has Balkesh B3 or Spryzen Requiem S3 and is a welcome addition if one does not.


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