Kerbeus is a Layer featured in the Burst System. It debuted with the release of Kerbeus Central Defense on July 18th, 2015.


Weight: 8.0 grams

Kerbeus is a circular shaped Layer designed for defense. Kerbeus's center, as the name states, depicts a 3-headed dog-like monster named Cerberus spitting flames. Two of the heads represented by the colored plastic underneath the transparent casing are located on one side, while the third is located on the opposite side. Theoretically, this would leave the Layer unbalanced, but in reality the effect is so minuscule that it shouldn't be considered a fault in competitive play. Kerbeus's rim has 16 protrusions, with half of the protrusions being larger. In theory, this characteristic would grind the opponents layer, but in reality it has the reverse effect and that makes it prone to loss by Outspin (OS) and the uneven surface adds recoil. Kerbeus does, however, have decent stamina and defense abilities granted by its circular shape. It was particularly hard to burst and had a mostly balanced design, but other Layers were released and Kerbeus was quickly overshadowed. These are reasons which add to this Layer's position as now outclassed in all categories.


Kerbeus Central Defense (B-04)

Kerbeus Wing Fusion (B-08)

Kerbeus Spread Accel (B-15 Random Booster Vol. 1)

Kerbeus Heavy Survive (B-15 Random Booster Vol. 1)

Kerbeus (BG-01)


Kerbeus is a layer that is great in theory, but does not execute as well in reality. Kerbeus was no doubt the first go-to Layer for Defense and Stamina customizations, being the 4th Layer released in the Burst generation. Since this first wave of releases though, better options have appeared, such as Odin. Kerbeus has proven to be quite mediocre and therefore should only be bought if you do not have access to better Layers.



  • The Kerbeus Layer bears striking similarities to the Poison Metal Wheel in the Metal Fight Beyblade generation.


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