Khalzar K3, known as Beat Kukulcan (ビートククルカン, Bīto Kukurukan) in Japan, is an Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It debuted with the release of the B-101 Random Booster Vol. 9 Beat Kukulcan.7U.Hn on December 28th, 2017. It later debuted in western countries with the release of the SwitchStrike Starter Pack Khalzar K3 7Under Hunter.


Khalzar K3 features a vague tear drop shaped design with two large wings and two points of recoil on either side, akin to Quetziko Q2, with a serpent/bird's head molded on the bottom of the Layer, meant to represent this Layer's Japanese namesake; Kukulkan, the feathered serpent of Mayan Mythology. As part of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, Khalzar K3 features a gimmick; the points of recoil can extend.

Like Arc Bahamut, Khalzar K3 features a sub-layer that connects with the prongs of a Forge Disc, so as the Khalzar K3 Combination grows halfway to Bursting, the sub-layer moves and releases locks on the contact points, allowing Centrifugal Force to extend them outward and increase Attack potential.

The two points of contact are ridged which creates a surface that grips into the gaps and grooves of the opponent's Layer creating high Burst Attack potential while minimizing recoil in the process. Khalzar K3's Attack potential is further bolstered by the heavy weight from the thickness of the Layer, which increases its inertia along with the strong teeth of the Takara Tomy release which reduces the risk of Self-Bursts by resisting teeth-skipping. However, this method of attack ends up reducing the effectiveness of the gimmick, as the contact points do not depend on protruding from the Layer and thus the attack method requires the use of mobile Performance Tips, preventing the Layer from being used effectively against Stationary Attack Combinations.

Use in Mobile Attack Combinations

Beat Kukulcan can be put to use in the Mobile Attack Combination Beat Kukulcan 0/2/4/5/7 Bump/Meteor Xtreme/Destroy. The Burst Attack potential is bolstered by the heavy weight of 0/2/4/5/7 Bump/Meteor, the speed of Xtreme/Destroy and the high friction of Xtreme specifically. The heavy weight and strong teeth of Beat Kukulcan can compensate for the increased Burst risk of heavy Discs and high friction tips and the free-spinning plate of Destroy can allow the Combination to potentially Out Spin the opponent if a Burst is not achieved.


Beat Kukulcan features heavy weight and high Burst Attack with less recoil compared to other Attack Layers such as Sieg Xcalibur. While the gimmick has little effect on overall performance, the grip based Attack makes Beat Kukulcan a consistent counter against Maximum Garuda and a Top-Tier Attack Layer overall. However, with the release of the Cho-Z Layer System, especially Attack Layers such as Winning Valkyrie and Buster Xcalibur, Beat Kukulcan has been outclassed.

As such, Beat Kukulcan is not a must have but is a welcome addition to a blader's collection.

Differences in the Hasbro Version

Hasbro's Khalzar K3 is virtually unchanged from Takara Tomy's Beat Kukulcan with the same high Attack potential and sub-layer gimmick intact. Its Burst Resistance is sturdy as well, equal to the strength of Beat Kukulcan's strong teeth. Since the Hasbro version of the Cho-Z Layers don't feature metal in their Layers, SwitchStrike Layers such as Xcalius X3 and Luinor L3 either match or outclass Khalzar K3 in terms of Attack potential and overall performance.

As such, Khalzar K3 is also not a must have but is a welcome addition to a blader's collection.


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