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This article is about the Hasbro version. For the Takara Tomy version, see Energy Layer - Ragnaruk.

Roktavor is an Energy Layer released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Roktavor and Nepstrius Dual Pack.


In-depth information for Hasbro’s Roktavor Energy Layer will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Use in Knock-Out Attack Combinations

Roktavor can be put to use on the Knock-Out Attack Combination Roktavor Heavy/Gravity/Knuckle/Spread/Down Variable/Xtreme. Although Xtreme and Variable are preferred for Layers excelling in Knock-Out Attack like Xcalius, their high speed can provide powerful hits which combined with the aggressive shape of Roktavor can Burst the opponent. The high speed of Variable/Xtreme also increase the chances of a Knock-Out. While using a heavier Disc might provide powerful hits, using a lighter Disc can reduce the risks of Self-Bursting.

Use in Mixed Attack Combinations

Roktavor can be used in the Mixed Attack Combination Roktavor Heavy/Gravity/Knuckle/Spread/Down Accel/Zephyr. Although this combo may not possess the same Knock-Out potential and high speed as Xtreme/Variable variants, it is easier to control and the higher Stamina of Accel/Zephyr provides more hits, increasing the chances of a Burst or Out-Spin if it fails to Knock-Out the opponent.

Use in Stationary Attack Combinations

Due to having excellent Burst Attack because of its aggressive shape, Roktavor can be used on the Stationary Attack Combination Roktavor Heavy/Down/Knuckle/Spread/Gravity Survive/Press/Defense/Needle. This combo can Burst opponents as consistently as Accel/Zephyr/Xtreme/Variable variants while having lower chances of a Self-Knock-Out than Accel/Zephyr/Xtreme/Variable variants. In addition to this, the aggressive shape of Roktavor can Burst other Attack-oriented Layers on Mobile or Stationary Combinations.


Like all other Hasbro Energy Layers, Hasbro's Roktavor is made of a softer plastic that causes it to have lower Stamina than Takara Tomy's Ragnaruk. However, despite this, the steep slopes of Roktavor make it much less likely to Burst than its Takara Tomy counterpart, meaning that it can take full advantage of its aggressive shape to exhibit excellent performance in Burst Attack while also having moderate Knock-Out Attack. Due to its steep slopes and aggressive shape, Roktavor can be used in Attack Combinations with success.

Hasbro's Roktavor was a top-tier and commonly available Energy Layer for Attack Combinations. However, with the release of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, specifically Legend Spryzen S3, Roktavor has become outclassed.

As such, Hasbro's Roktavor is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.