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This article is about the Hasbro version. For the Takara Tomy version, see Energy Layer - Twin Nemesis.

Twin Noctemis N3 is an Energy Layer released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SwitchStrike System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Battle Tower.


Hasbro's Twin Noctemis N3 is a right-spin Attack Type Layer based on Takara Tomy's Twin Nemesis. It is virtually identical to its Takara Tomy counterpart, and as such features the same elliptical design, with one side of the Layer featuring a face, meant to represent the Layer's namesake, Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge. As part of the SwitchStrike System, Twin Noctemis N3 features the same gimmick as Twin Nemesis: the Layer can be set in two different modes, Smash Mode and Upper Mode.

In Smash Mode, the primary point of contact is a downward slope, meant for Force Smash. While the intended Force Smash can occur, the effect is inconsistent and is liable to Destabilizing the Twin Noctemis N3 Combination instead of the opponent.

In Upper Mode, the primary point of contact is an upward slope, meant for Upper Attack. Due to the height of the Layer, the opponent's Layer is likely to contact the slope which will tilt and Destabilize the opponent’s Combination, reducing their Stamina and increasing their risk of Bursts from the recoil of Twin Noctemis N3' elliptical shape.

Unlike its Takara Tomy counterpart however, Twin Noctemis N3 features weak Burst Resistance instead of the tall teeth of Twin Nemesis. Thus, the high recoil of Twin Noctemis N3 creates high self-Burst risk with no mitigation from its slopes. The lack of Dash Driver compatibility also means there is no way to mitigate the self-Burst risk with Driver choice. Thus, Twin Noctemis N3 is inferior to its Takara Tomy counterpart Twin Nemesis, and is not recommended over the latter.


Twin Noctemis N3 is too light to compete with the heavier Dynamite Battle Layers in the Burst Format.

As such, Twin Noctemis N3 is not recommended for the Burst Format.

Compared to Gatinko Layers, Twin Noctemis N3 is too light to be useful.

As such, Twin Noctemis N3 is not recommended for the Burst GT Format.

Although its Takara Tomy counterpart is a strong pick in the format, the high Burst risk of Twin Noctemis N3 makes it inferior to Twin Nemesis, and thus should never be used over the latter.

As such, Twin Noctemis N3 is not recommended for the Burst Limited Format.

Twin Noctemis N3 is not legal in the WBO's Burst Classic Format.