Wyvron is a Energy Layer released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of Wyvron Armed Massive on September 19 2015.


Weight: 7grams

Wyvron has a seven-spiked design which makes it seems best for attack combos, however due to their being a softer plastic protruding on each spike, absorbing the blows received slightly, it is best used defensively, and provides a reliable counter to Attack combos when used in the fitting customisations. Because all currently released Beyblade Burst products are right-spin only, the tips of Wyvron’s spikes never strike the opposing Beyblade.

What actually happens is that the slopes of Wyvron’s spikes serve to parry incoming hits, when the opposing energy layer’s spike comes into contact with Wyvron, there are two likely outcomes. The opposing energy layer hits the outside of Wyvron’s spike, resulting in minimal impact, or the opposing layer hits the empty space between Wyvron’s spikes, causing the opposing energy layer to be pushed away

Use in Defence Customizations

Wyvron can be put to good use in the combination Wyvron Heavy Revolve. Since the Revolve Performance Tip provides stability to the custom, it is able to withstand some hits and suspend the precession for as long as possible.


Takara Tomy

B-14 Wyvern Armed Massive (Purple)

B-22] Wyvern Heavy Survive (Beyblade Reshuffle Set Stamina & Defense) (Army Green)

B-24 04 Wyvern Heavy Accel (Random Booster Vol. 2) (Red)

B-24 05 Wyvern Central Needle (Random Booster Vol. 2) (Brown)



Takara Tomy




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