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This article is about the Takara Tomy version. For the Hasbro version, see Energy Layer - Yegdrion.

Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru) is an Energy Layer released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System. It debuted in Japan with the release of B-31 Starter Yggdrasil Ring Gyro on February 20th, 2016.


The motif is of the world tree, Yggdrasil. A right-spin Stamina Type Layer with four blades placed on the outer circumference that generate centrifugal force and keep the Beyblade rotating for a long time.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Yggdrasil is a Stamina Type Energy Layer named after Yggdrasil, the tree of life in Norse mythology, however to represent the anime’s rendition of this Layer’s beast, two dragon heads are present on either side near the center of the Energy layer.

It is a square-shaped Energy Layer with two Dragon heads and two sloped blades meant to represent dragon claws on each side which make up the primary points of contact of this Layer. There are two small notches on either side of the Layer giving it a rough perimeter, which may imply high recoil but the protrusions are too shallow and produce only moderate recoil in practice.

Most of the weight of Yggdrasil is focused on its perimeter. While this may imply high Stamina potential, the square shape and rough perimeter of the Layer produces recoil which diminishes the Stamina of the Layer in battle, making it outclassed by Energy Layers like Deep Chaos and Screw Trident, Stamina-wise. While the sloped blades may imply Destabilizing potential, the angle is too shallow and so they serve no purposes other than creating recoil. The recoil produced by the its shape is very low to be useful for Attack Combinations. Further more, Yggdrasil features four teeth of short length which are unable to handle its recoil making it extremely prone to losses by Burst.


Takara Tomy's Yggdrasil is outclassed for Stamina by many other Layers and incurs Self-Bursts far too easily. While it can act as a consistent counter against Xcalibur, with the release of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System, that niche use is no longer viable.

As such, Takara Tomy's Yggdrasil is recommended for collection purposes only.


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Takara Tomy