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Ice-Titan or Uranus (ウラヌス, Uranusu) is an Energy Ring released by Takara Tomy. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set on November 19, 2011. It debuted in western countries with the release of the B-160 Starter Pack Duo Ice-Titan 230WD in December 2012.


Ice-Titan is a 4D Clear Wheel designed in a spiky, vortex-like manner that accentuates the design of the Duo Fusion Wheel. Ice-Titan has two pentagonal shapes above and below its centre, and the stickers on it represent wings slightly shaped into faces, where one is more diabolical-looking with jagged feathers, and the other is more heroic-looking, with smoothly curved lines. Ice-Titan is notable for being the smallest Energy Ring released in the Metal Saga toyline, being only 36 millimeters in diameter at its widest points. Ice-Titan is also one of the lightest Energy Rings, being only 0.2 grams heavier than Gemios, the lightest Energy Ring.

Despite this, Ice-Titan finds use in some Attack Type combination due to its exposed contact points when paired with certain Fusion Wheels.


Takara Tomy




  • The Hasbro release gives the stats as 6 Attack and 1 Defense.