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Nemesis A or Nemesis (ネメシス, Nemeshisu) is an Energy Ring released by Takara Tomy. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BB-122 Starter Diablo Nemesis X:D on December 27, 2011. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Spark FX Diablo Nemesis X:D Starter Pack in December 2012.


Like the Nemesis A Face Bolt and Diablo Fusion Wheel, Nemesis A is an amalgamation of different characteristics of Metal Fury Beyblades. In particular it takes design cues from the Pegasus, Kronos, Uranus, Crygnus, and Jupiter 4D Clear Wheels. It uses the head and design of Pegasus, the scythe design of Kronos, the whirlpool-like shape of Uranus, the swan wings of Cygnus, and the spiky thorn-like details of Jupiter. Nemesis A also showcases a dragon from L-Drago and a skeleton from Kronos.

Performance-wise it is reminiscent of Aquario due to its circular shape. At about 3.2 grams, Nemesis A is one of the heaviest Energy Rings for Defense Type combinations, although it is still outclassed by the heavier Kerbecs Energy Ring.


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