Orso is an Energy Ring released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Rock Orso D125B in the BB-51 Extreme BeyStadium set on October 24th 2009.


<onlyimport>Weight: 3.1 grams

The Orso Energy Ring is comprised of four main sections, two of which easily resemble bear claws. These can give extra recoil, and, even though Energy Ring contact is unlikely, it is still a distinct disadvantage. The other two sections are sloped, akin to the Leone series Energy Rings, but with hexagonal shapes covering its surface. While the slopes give defense to the ring, they do not cover the entire Energy Ring. Due to its light weight, high recoil, poor weight distribution, and low aerodynamic properties, it is easily outclassed for defense by multiple Energy Rings like even Leone, Leone II, and Lynx. For these reasons, it should never be used in competitive play.</onlyimport>


  • BB-51 Extreme BeyStadium - Rock Orso D125B (brown)
  • BB-75 Beyblade Deck Entry Set - Rock Orso ED145D (clear black)


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