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Engaard E4 Outer Quest, stylized as Engaard E4 Ωuter Quest, known as Orb Egis Outer Quest (オーブイージス・アウター・クエスト, Ōbu Ījisu Autā Kuesuto) in Japan, stylized as Orb Egis Ωuter Quest, is a Defense Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. It was released in Japan on November 17th, 2018 for 5184円 as a part of the Cho-Z Customize Set.

Energy Layer - Engaard E4

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Forge Disc - Outer

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Outer features a wide, almost perfectly circular shape with large gaps separating the center form the edge, these gaps are mean to increase Outward Weight Distribution to increase Stamina while the circular perimeter increases Life After Death. Outer boasts the highest Stamina and Life After Death in the game, outclassing 2/4/5/7 Cross/Glaive Core Disc and Disc Frame Combinations while not presenting the same Burst risk as the aforementioned Core Discs and Disc Frames or similar Forge Discs such as Ring due to its weight.

Performance Tip - Quest

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Takara Tomy




Control Art


  • Engaard's Japanese name, Orb Egis, is based from the word "orb", and a reference to Aegis, a significant artifact design wielded by the Greek gods Zeus and Athena to invoke powerful protection in Greek mythology, which is either depicted as a shield, sometimes bearing the carving of the Gorgon Medusa, or animal hide.
    • Engaard's name is a portmanteau of the phrase en gard, a fencing term meaning "on guard" in French.
  • Engaard's avatar is based on a snake with a stingray-shaped frill with six retractable heads on energy-based protrusions.
    • The snake heads are a reference to Medusa.
  • In the anime, Engaard possesses a red level chip.


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