Circle Survivor is an Engine Gear released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Wolborg 4.


  • Weight of EG: 7 grams
  • Weight of EG + CEW: 12 grams

Right EG (Circle Survivor) is an Engine Gear similar to Rock Bison’s Right EG (Circle Defense) or Desert Sphinxer’s Right EG (Mystery Cutter), in the sense that unlike most Engine Gears, which have a Customize Engine Weight (CEW) made of metal, it instead has a detachable plastic CEW. This CEW is shaped like a bowl and has a tip that is a similar shape to the D series of Bottoms from Metal Fight Beyblade. In addition, the bowl is free-spinning due to the nature of the Engine Gear and covers nearly all of the Blade Base. These factors, combined with the unusually tall height of Engine Gear Beyblades, make Right EG (Circle Survivor) an excellent choice for a Defense/Survival hybrid, as well as one of the most effective counters to Zombie Beyblades.

Because Right EG (Circle Survivor) is taller than many of its opponents, they will primarily come in contact with the free-spinning CEW, with the effect of either absorbing the hit in the manner of a free-spinning Sub-AR against Left-Spin Beyblades or charging the Engine Gear against Right-Spin Beyblades. This neutralizes almost all short Attack Types and forms of Upper Attack, making it not only an effective choice for Survival, but for Defense as well. In addition to all of this, the CEW provides the Beyblade with potent Life After Death capabilities, allowing it to outspin many competitive Zombie customizations consistently. The one drawback of Right EG (Circle Survivor) is that due to its parts it can only spin Right, meaning that it is susceptible to Right Spin Survival customs. However, this drawback is mitigated by the fact that the majority of Survival customs, Zombie or otherwise, spin Left.

Use in Circle Survivor Customization

The bowl-like CEW piece of Right EG (Circle Survivor) can best be put to use in the custom:

  • AR: Roller Defense Ring (Roller Defenser)
  • WD: Ten Heavy
  • SG: Right EG (Circle Defense)
  • BB: Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) (Rock Bison)
  • CEW Part: Circle Survivor

This combo attempts to maximize contact between the opposing Beyblade and the CEW by using Rock Bison’s taller Engine Gear prongs and Base to raise the AR and WD to a height that only the tallest Attack types can reach. In addition to this, a Compact AR and WD are chosen to further minimize any contact they have with the opponent.





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