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The Extreme Top System, or XTS (Extreme Top System), Beyblade: Extreme Top System, is a system of Beyblades released by Hasbro during Beyblade: Metal Masters and Beyblade: Metal Fury. The line consists of Beyblades with specific gimmicks, such as light and sound effects and different designs. Four types of XTS Beyblades were released in the product line: "Tornado Battlers", "Electro Battlers", "Stealth Battlers" and "IR Spin Control Beyblades".

Releases coinciding with the Metal Masters toyline had orange packaging, while releases coinciding with Metal Fury had green packaging.

Tornado Battlers

These Beyblades are taller than normal Beys and have a "tornado" design that enable them to battle more extremely, which can cause them to tilt and weave. Tornado Battlers released in the Metal Fury toyline (X-10 to X-13) have spring loaded coil designs for the "Spin Track"/"Performance Tip", that is advertised as making them "bounce".

Electro Battlers

These Beyblades are preassembled, high intensity tops packed with flashing LED lights that create designs and read how fast the top is spinning, along with battle sound effects.

IR Spin Control

These are Beyblades that are able to be controlled with with a launcher. It can give them a power boost, turn left or right and activate sound effects.

Stealth Battlers

These Beyblades have unique "stealth attacks" for additional play. These were released the Spring of 2012.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Electro Spark Battlers

These Beyblades are essentially Tornado Battlers with aspects of Electro Battlers and the Spark FX system. They were released during the Beyblade: Metal Fury toyline, alongside Hyperblades.


Electronic Tops

During the Beyblade: Metal Fusion toyline, several Electronic Tops were released. As the Extreme Top System had not yet been introduced, these were not given any specific branding, using "B-" product codes. Many of the internal components were reused in the XTS Electro Battlers.