The Eyes of Medusa is the first special move used by Julian Konzern and his Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.


Pegasus held down

The Eye's of Medusa being used in it's waves to hold down Pegasus

The special move uses Gravity Destroyer's ability to manipulate gravity in counter mode.

Destroyer is able to release a force field that can hold down a beyblade by increasing the gravity around them and slowly halt their spin and eventually crush them under the pressure.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Julian first used this move to successfully defeat Gasur. Julian also used this move in the first stage of his match with Gingka but Pegasus was able to escape due to its performance tips ability to spin rapidly and force itself out of the gravity. Damian was also able to shrug the curse off.


  • This move has only actually defeated one opponent, Gasur. Everyone else was able to break the curse.
  • It is the second Medusa based Special Move.
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