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Face Bolt for Galaxy Pegasus

The Face Bolt, also known as Face (フェイス, Feisu), is a key component of 2nd generation Beyblades, including the Metal, Hybrid Wheel, 4D, and Synchrome Beyblade top systems. These were decorative parts which served a vital function to the structure and assembly of a Beyblade.


Unlike the Bit Chips of 1st generation Beyblade systems, Face Bolts were designed with a practical and essential function.

Similar to the Bit Protectors of 1st generation Hard Metal System, Face Bolts were integral to the structure of a Beyblade. Much like an actual bolt, Face Bolts feature an external male thread which is works in conjunction with the nut-like, threaded hole of Spin Track to fasten all other Beyblade components together.


Exclusive to Japanese Beyblade hobbyists were Face Bolts a different variety of Face Bolts that were produced and released by Takara Tomy. During the toyline's production cycle, Takara Tomy would release a second type of the Face Bolt called the Metal Face which came in two (2) varieties.

Metal Face (MF)

The Metal Face is exactly the same shape and size as a regular Face, except the top hexagonal portion is coated in a thick metal. The centre of the thread of the Face’s screw is also entirely metal.

Metal Face Custom (MF2)

A fully customizable version of the Metal Face, composed to two parts:

  • Core: The center component that screws into the Beyblade.
  • Plate: The nut-like component which threads into the Core.

Both components were produced with clear and colored plastic variants which were interchangeable with their metal counterparts. With the release of the Synchrome System and their Stone Faces ("Shogun Face Bolt" in the Americas), Takara Tomy produced another variety of Metal Faces which were compatible with that system. These Face Bolts functioned and structured essentially the same as previous Metal Face Bolts and also came in two varieties: the Metal Stone Face (MSF) and the Metal Stone Face Custom (MSF2).

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