Falborg 2 is Bryan's second Beyblade. It is the successor to Falborg S.

Bit Chip (BC): Falborg (2)

The chip depicts Falborg.

Attack Ring (AR): N/A

It´s Attack Ring looks very similar to Dual Dragon (Dragoon F).

Weight Disk (WD): N/A

(Most probably eight wide)

Spin Gear (SG): Heavy Metal Core

  • Weight: 17 grams

Blade Base (BB): Instant Release Base (Metal Driger Ver.)

  • Weight: 9 grams


  • Unlike the previous Falborg, which didn't appear in the manga, Falborg 2 does. The most curious thing about this is that nearly all blades of manga were manufactured.
  • Falborg 2 has a Hard Metal System version in the manga, Falborg MS. It appears in a battle tagged with Seaborg MS.


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