Fang Leone 130W²D
Also known as: None
Basic Information
Number: BB-106 (Takara Tomy)
Owner: Kyoya Tategami
Face Bolt: Leone
Energy Ring: Leone II
Fusion Wheel: Fang
Spin Track: 130
Performance Tip: W²D
Type: Defense
First appearance: (Anime) Metal Fight Beyblade 4D - Episode 01
First appearance: (Manga) Ultimate Bladers, Chapter 1

Fang Leone 130W²D is a Defense-Type Beyblade that appears in the Anime and Manga series, Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. It is owned by Kyoya Tategami and is the evolution of Rock Leone 145WB. It was released on March 26, 2011 in Japan.

Face Bolt: Leone II

The Face Bolt depicts "Leo", one of the 88 constellations in space. Unlike the previous Leone Face Bolt, the words, "LEO" are removed and are replaced by Leo's paw with a white star on it. Leo also appears to be looking up as well. This design is on a clear pearl white Face Bolt

Energy Ring: Leone II

  • Weight: 3.0 grams

Leone II resembles the original Leone Energy Ring with "armor" surrounding it. However, there is a trapezium-like design with squares and a screw-like design on top of it and the Energy Ring appears to be slightly more sturdier and bulkier. It is considered a 4D ring, for it has shiny iron filings inside. Just like Leone, it is a dark green and weighs exactly the same as the the original Leone Energy Ring despite it having iron powder in it. Therefore, there is actually not a change at all in performance between Leone and Leone II

Attack: 2 - Defense: 5 - Stamina: 0

Clearwheel4d reone Clearwheel4d reone2

Fusion Wheel: Fang

  • Total Weight: 39.2 Grams

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 20.5 grams

The Metal Frame has three walls with a square-like curve on each of them.There are also three small protrusions sprouting upward between the walls. It´s silver. The stickers are also very durable stickers


  • Weight: 18.7 grams

The Core resembles the Big Bang Core in which it has three spikes. However these spikes are placed as walls with a shield-like design while going upward.

Fang Leone has two modes, "Defense Mode" and "Counter Mode".These modes are changed by flipping the Metal Frame. It is smaller than the Hades Wheel and slightly smaller than the Big Bang Wheel but nearly as wide as them. Uncustomized, Fang has high recoil, so has not got any use in defensive customizations, however, it has good smash, stronger than that of Vulcan, so it has a few uses in the Attack series of customs.

Attack: 2 - Defense: 5 - Stamina: 0

Metalwheel4d fang Metalwheel4d fang2

Attack Combination: Fang Pegasis(III)/Pegasus(II)/BULL UW145/H145XF/WF/RF/R2F

Spin Track: 130

130 is rare Spin Track of high height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130. It is done in a pearl white color. It is good for Attack types like MF Fang Leone 130R2F.

Track 130 img Track 130 img2

Performance Tip: Wave Wide Defense

  • Weight: 0.7 grams

Wave Wide Defense is a variation of Wide Defense that resembles it but has a little spike on it. Despite this, it has far worse Balance than Wide Defense making WD a better choice to use. However, reattacking is no problem for Wave Wide Defense as there is a flat edge surrounding the spike. After battling with it alot, the spike could become blunt, thus making it a lot more aggressive. This tip is very good in Balance type combos for it's Defense and Stamina, and also being able to launch counter attacks in the center of the stadium. But if this bey is off balance it will ride on its wave around the stadium just like WD but lose even more stamina by the second. Any devastating hits (which will happen in "Counter mode") will make this tip counter attack but theres a 1 out of 5 chance it will hit.It is pearl white in color.

Attack: 0 - Defense: 4 - Stamina: 3

Bottom w2d img Bottom w2d img2

Other Versions

  • Fang Leone Burning Claw: A red limited edition version of Fang Leone that comes with W105R2F and a re-disigned face bolt in gold whilst on a black background.
  • WBBA Limited Edition black and blue Fang wheel and blue Leone II ring.



Thanks to AkirasDaddy for the permission for these videos

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