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White tigers

The Fang Tribe (牙族 Kibazoku) are a clan living in the mountains of China.


Members of the Fang Tribe are all Nekojin, humans with cat-like characteristics or may even contain feline DNA. The Nekojins have many unique physical qualities which resemble a cat's features:

  • Their eyes are golden and turn to slits like a cat's when the nekojins are angry or tense.
  • They have pointy canines which resemble a cat's teeth.
  • Under their eyes, three lines are visible which could be a replacement for whiskers.
  • They have the ability to jump very high and land on their feet.

Known Members[]

  • Ray Kon: Ray is a member of the Bladebreakers, but temporarily switched back to the White Tigers in G-Revolution as their captain, the team he belonged to before the Bladebreakers were formed.
  • Lee: Ray's best friend. After Ray left, he became the captain of the team.
  • Mariah: Lee's younger sister and Ray's childhood friend. She was very close to him and later marries him.
  • Gary: A big and bulky member of the White Tigers. He is apparently a cousin of Kevin.
  • Kevin: A very short and sneaky member of the team. There is a controversy over Kevin being a Nekojin, since he tends to act more like a monkey. He may be Gary's younger cousin.
  • Grandfather Wong: Lee and Mariah's grandfather, also the head of their tribe, Fang. He gave Ray his bit-beast, Driger.
  • Rin Kon: Ray and Mariah's daughter. Both her parents are nekojins, so it can be assumed that she is one too.
  • Tao: The White Tigers' coach.


  • “Nekojin” has the Japanese word “neko,” meaning cat. This can refer to their cat-like traits.