Final Crash, known as in Japan, is a Special Move used by Boa Alcazaba and his Arc Balkesh 2Bump Atomic.


Similar to Final Guard, Balkesh's position shifts three times and creates a shield around itself, but instead of remaining in the center of the stadium like it would with Final Guard, Balkesh rides the slope and uses the momentum to its advantage to crash head on with the opponent while still enveloped in its shield. The move can knock the opposing Bey out of the Beystadium or burst it. But, if it's counteracted by a extremely powerful attack, it can cause Balkesh to Burst.



  • This move can be seen as a combination of Boa's Final Guard and Wakiya Murasaki's Shield Crash, as it involves Balkesh creating a shield around itself (like Final Guard) and using the stadium's slope to crash into the opponent (like Shield Crash).


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