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The Fire vs. Water Element 2-Pack is a BeyWarrior Battle Pack. It released fall 2013 internationally.


  • Ifrit Salamander
  • Guardian Leviathan
  • 2 Berserker Warrior Weapons
  • 1 Speed Shogun Tip
  • 2 Collector Cards

Official description[]

Spin and smash into a new dimension of Beyblade battles with weapon-armed creatures to customize and collect! This 5-piece Samurai Ifrit BeyWarriors battler has a Samurai Warrior Weapon. Take on your friends and change the weapon's position to change up the battler's attack! You can customize your battlers with different Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips (other battlers sold separately) to find the perfect strategic combination. Rule the arena with your Samurai Ifrit battler!

  • Customize and collect with the BeyWarriors battlers
  • Ifrit Salamander Battler has Ifrit Salamander Warrior Weapons
  • Guardian Leviathan Battler has Guardian Warrior Weapons
  • Change Warrior Weapon positions for different battle actions
  • Pack includes 2 five-piece battlers, 2 ripcords, 1 extra set of Warrior Weapons, 1 extra Shogun Tip, 2 collector cards and assembly instructions