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The First Zero-G Battle Set is the third Zero-G set produced by Takara Tomy, succeeding the Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set. It was released on August 11, 2012 for 4,095円 in Japan.

As suggested by its name, the set is meant as a first set and introduction to those who are beginners of Zero-G, whilst including all the fundamental elements that the series consists of.



The First Zero-G Battle Set contains interesting recolours, as well as some competitive parts like W145 and Revizer, however it is generally not worth purchasing this Set at that price. The ZeroG Stadium Attack Type, although good, is available in other Sets and separately; the Samurai Ifraid recolour is partially present in another product already; and it only comes with two Zero-G Shogun Ripcord Launchers, which are inferior to the Zero-G Light Launcher and the ZeroG Launcher. Furthermore, the Zero-G Road to Win Guide provides no particularly good and unknown information. In conclusion, especially if one started purchasing Zero-G products in its early months already, there is no reason to buy this Set besides for collection purposes.