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Flame Bull 100F is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in western countries in the Beyblade: Metal Fusion Lion Gale Force Wall 2-Pack for USD$15.99 in the United States.

Face Bolt - Bull

Facebolt BULL BB40 19509
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The Bull Face Bolt depicts "Taurus", the second astrological sign in the Zodiac and one of the 88 constellations in space. The design features a bull head, with the word "BuLL" below it. Some Hasbro releases, such as Midnight Bull 125SF, omit the word and enlarge the bull head.

Energy Ring - Bull

Clearwheel bull
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Bull is an Energy Ring with two-sided symmetry, featuring a bulky, gently sloping design on each side with a small gap in between.

Fusion Wheel - Flame

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The Fusion Wheel Flame is predominantly circular, with two small spikes and two additional smaller gaps on its circumference. The Fusion Wheel is relatively thin throughout, with the very edge of the Fusion Wheel being slightly thicker. Due to the design of Flame where the Fusion Wheel’s perimeter is raised slightly, more of the Spin Track below is exposed compared to other Fusion Wheels, hence making it easier for other Beyblades to strike its Spin Track. This significantly reduces its Defense capabilities. However, the raised perimeter allows slightly more wobbling time, as the raised Wheel reduces floor scraping.

Spin Track - 100

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100 is the third lowest Spin Track available, but is outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina by the even lower 85 and 90 Spin Tracks. 100 has no problem with floor scrapes, and while it is generally an outclassed part, it is still competitively viable, particularly in Attack customizations where it is able to make contact with opposing Beyblades.

Performance Tip - Flat

Bottom f img2
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Flat (F), as the name implies, has a flat plastic tip, which gives it an offensive movement pattern. Flat has a hard time retaining a flower pattern due to it being made of plastic, which results in it having less grip to the stadium floor than a rubber Performance Tip such as Rubber Flat (RF).





  • This combo is used as a destabilizer.