• The Energy Ring of Libra is a lighter green than in stock photos.
  • Flame Libra shares its combo of T125ES with Thermal Pisces.
  • The Hasbro version of ES has a seam through the middle of it, while the Takara Tomy lacks this seam. This may or may not affect the effectiveness of this part.
  • Flame Libra has been heavily damaged by 4 bladers. First Reiji with Poison Serpent, then, Team Garcias, then Damian with Hades Kerbecs, and lastly, Rago with Diablo Nemesis. Which makes Libra the most damaged Bey in the Metal Saga currently.
  • The original Flame Libra was very loose yet a very good Bey.
  • Flame Libra has never shown its beast in the anime.
  • After every season Yu goes into extreme training, first only mentioned in Metal Masters by Madoka then shown in Metal Fury/ 4D as him riding a dolphin, chasing an ostrich and riding in a hang glider. Because of this Libras Special moves get stronger. In Metal Masters Sonic Wave is made a lot stronger while in Metal Fury Sonic Shield is made a lot stronger leading to Yu almost being able to beat two legendary bladers, Tithi and Kyoya.
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