Flame Saber (Japanese: 斬炎剣(フレイムセイバー)) is a Special Move featured in the "Beyblade" TV and graphic novel series. The move is used by Kai Hiwatari with various Beyblades, including Dranzer F, Dranzer V and Dranzer Flame.Y.Zt. Since its debut, Flame Saber has been featured in various media including video games and the sequel series to the "Beyblade" graphic novel, "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising".


The Flame Saber can best be characterized as a damage-dealing, MFBZG attribute fire icon Fire move that slams a target with a flame-covered Beyblade.

The manga presents the "Flame Saber" as a fiery charge that strikes the enemy Bey using the edge of the Beyblade's Attack Ring. When the move is initiated, the Beyblade erupts into a plume of flames before charging for the target at full speed. The comic panels illustrate the move striking with considerable force, easily flipping over the enemy Bey in every use, however limited.

In its only featured episode in the original anime series, the Flame Saber was depicted similarly to the Spiral Arrow move; plunging from the air at rapid speeds while engulfed in flames and crashing onto the target with the tip of the Beyblade's Blade Base. However, in its only featured appearance in "Beyblade: V-Force" during episode 24, the Flame Saber would be revised to resemble the manga's interpretation of the move, being a flaming charge with the Beyblade cloaked in flames and attacking the target.

In the anime

In its debut episode, the Flame Saber would be used twice during Kai's match against Spencer and his Seaborg 2 Beyblade with both attempts being unsuccessful.

In episode 24 of "Beyblade: V-Force", Kai (using Dranzer V) would use this move against the Team Psykick Blader, Goki and his Cyber Dranzer Beyblade, winning the match by Beyblade destruction.

In the manga


While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "フレイムセイバー" the kanji used in the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Hiragana ざん えん けん
Rōmaji Zan En Ken
Literal translation beheading flame, blaze a sword, especially one with a double-edged blade
Translation Beheading Flame Sword




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