• When Flame Sagittario spins in the anime, the claws are not pointed outwards unless Kenta commands Sagittario to do so. In real life, this doesn't happen due to the centrifugal force.
  • Flame Sagittario is the first and only Beyblade in the anime to use a Metal Face Bolt.
  • This Beyblade had the greatest height change in Metal Saga history, changing from C145 to 230.
  • Both the Flame Wheel Beys in Metal Fusion "Flame Sagittario C145S" and Flame Libra T125ES have a few things in common, they both contain a yellow Facebolt, Spin Track and Performance Tip, both their Clear Wheels/Energy Rings weigh 2.8 grams, and they are both Stamina Types.
  • In the anime, Flame Sagittario and Dark Bull have common things. Their advantages and Special Moves are using their Spin Track.
  • Sagittario is the first beyblade to have the C145S combo following second Archer Gryph C145S.
  • Kenta uses Flame Sagittario from Metal Fusion to Metal Fury, until Flame Sagittario evolved into Flash Sagittario 230WD.
  • Kenta is the last blader to have his Bey evolved in the Metal Saga.
  • Flame and Flash are very similar in shape and name, due to Flash taking designs from Flame
  • Sometime after Metal Fusion ended Kenta stopped using a Metal Face Bolt, probably due to his Bey being nearly destroyed by Poison Serpent.
  • Sagittario's beast is similar to a centaur, a Greek creature from the waist-up has a body of a man and waist-down the body of a horse.
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