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Forbidden Ionis ED145FB is a Balance-Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Fury anime series. It was released in Random Booster Vol. 8 Jade Jupiter in two colors: Forbidden Eonis ED145FB (Red) and Forbidden Eonis 130D  (Green) on August 6, 2011 in Japan. It is owned by Jigsaw. The Hasbro version was released in June 2012 and the name was changed to Ionis.

Face Bolt - Ionis

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The Face Bolt depicts "Io". In Greek mythology, Io was a nymph that was transformed into a heifer, a young cow by Zeus. The design shows the head of a heifer.

Energy Ring - Ionis

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The Ionis Energy Ring depicts two cow heads and their horns moving in a circular motion.

Fusion Wheel: Forbidden

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The Forbidden Fusion Wheel is predominantly circular, with two gaps on its circumference, akin to Flame. The Fusion Wheel is relatively thin throughout, with thick edges. It has decent Smash Attack and moderate Stamina, but has high recoil.

Spin Track: Eternal Defense 145 (ED145)

  • Weight: 3.68 grams
Track ed145 img


ED145 features three “wings” which rotate around the Track freely. This bey has the same Track as Rock Aries ED145B and Spiral Lyre ED145MF. It outclasses WD145. The wings are similar to that of WD145. Because of their free-spinning nature, they can be used in Defense customizations, such as Libra ED145WD; however, the defensive capabilities of this part are not as effective as C145, as it does not absorb hits as successfully. For attacks on the side, ED145 defends better than C145. For direct attacks, you'll go with C145. The wings which rotate are hindered without the mechanism of a bearing, hence creating a force of friction between the Beyblade and the body of the Track, in turn resulting in less significant damage absorption. Furthermore, it is easy for the low attacker’s Wheel to be caught between the Wheel and ED145, hence causing a lot of recoil and spin reduction to the Defense customization. WD145 is better in Attack. It is outclassed by UW145, R145, TR145, GB145, TH170, and 230.

Performance Tip: Flat Ball (FB)

  • Weight: 0.63 grams
FB Tip

A Wide Flat Tip with a hole in it that has a Ball Tip. It has moderate destabilising and Stamina properties but low Attack and Defense and is considered better than FS. This tip wears easily.





  • Io is the name of one of Jupiter's moons. Similarly, Jade Jupiter is the prize beyblade and Forbidden Ionis is one of the beyblades, like how Jade Jupiter is the planet and Forbidden Ionis is one of the moons.
  • Forbidden Ionis' Eternal Defense track is decipted as clear gray in the anime & dull gray in the hasbro version, however in the original Takara Tomy version this one is done in a clear dark navy blue color.