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A diagram of Force Smash slopes

Force Smash is a style of Beyblade attack that uses slopes on the underside of an Attack Ring or Wheel to try to force the opposing Beyblade against the stadium floor and disrupt its spin.

Force Smash’s style of attack is the direct opposite of the Upper Attack style. Rather than lifting an opposing Beyblade up off of the stadium surface, as is the case with Upper Attack, Force Smash pushes the opponent down to the stadium surface, knocking it off balance.

However, in order to work properly, Force Smash must focus on having heavy weight and being tall in height. In other words, Force Smash needs to be much heavier than the opposing Beyblade, and the Force Smash slopes must be higher than the opposing Beyblades’ Attack Ring or Wheel in order for it to be effective. In addition, both Beyblades must spin in the same direction for Force Smash to work.

Parts needed for Force Smash must in turn be tall and heavy. Because of the lack of heavy enough parts, Force Smash has fallen into disuse.