The FORGE DISC™ is a die-cast metal ring that sits between the ENERGY LAYER™ and PERFORMANCE TIP™. Each disc varies in weight and shape to affect the center of gravity and weight of the top, causing different reactions in battle.

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The Forge Disc™ is a component of Beyblade Burst™ tops. Within the Beyblade Burst™ Performance Top System™, the Forge Disc™ is (structurally) the second layer of the top's anatomy and affects movement patterns, balance, and weight. Forge Disc influences a Bey's behavioral tendencies in various manners, such as whether it tends to spin in one place or roams around the Beyblade Burst Beystadium™.


FORGE DISC™ affects the center of gravity and weight of the top, causing different reactions in battle.

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Forge Discs™ are typically a single-piece component, usually composed entirely of die-cast metal. This components comes in a variety of shapes and weight; a rapid departure from the classic Weight Disks of Beyblades from the first generation.

Design-wise, Forge Discs™ are assembled similarly in the manner that first generation Weight Disks (specifically the Hard Metal System series) and second generation Fusion Wheels, being primarily the middle layer of the top's structure.


Single-Piece Forge Disc

This type of Forge Disc was the first type of Forge Disc introduced in the Beyblade Burst product line. Similar the Generation 1 Weight Disks, these Forge Discs are single-piece components which provides the center-of-gravity for the Bey and are composed entirely of zinc alloy. Though they do not possess any special gimmicks, many Forge Discs of this type come in a variety of shapes, weights, and designs.

Disc-Intergrated Parts

In Japan, Takara-Tomy marketed these parts as Disk-integrated Types (Japanese: ディスク一体型) and, as the name suggests, are parts which combine Disc elements with another component. Examples of these parts include the Nightmare Longinus (nL) Layer from B-97 Starter: Nightmare Longinus.Ds, the Mugen Performance Tip from the Mugen Beystadium DX Set, the Mugen-L Performance Tip from the Cho-Z Musou Beystadium, the Hybrid Performance Tip from the B-153 Set: Gatinko Customize Set, and the Ignition' Performance Tip. The double chassis from Beyblade Burst Superking also have built in discs. Internationally, Hasbro marketed these parts of "Fused parts" with the only example of this (currently) being the Luinor L3 (LD01) Fused Energy Layer and Forge Disc.

Two-Part Forge Disc

This type of Forge Disc allows players (Bladers) the capability to customize their Forge Disc using interchangeable Rings[note 1] (Japanese: フレーム). Separately, these Forge Discs function as a standard Forge Disc would, but their unique construction allows for Rings to be equipped. These Rings come in many styles, shapes, and designs and can drastically alter a Forge Discs performance in battle.



Name in other languages (Forge Disc)

  • Japanese: ディスク (Disc)
  • Korean: 디스크 (Disc)
  • French: Disque Forgé
  • Italian: Disco Forgiato
  • Spanish: Disco de Forja
  • Portuguese: Disco de Forja
  • Russian: Силовой Диск (Power Disk)
  • Greek: Δίσκος ΚΑΜΙΝΟΥ

Name in other languages (Two-Part Forge Disc)

  • Japanese: コアディスク (Core Disc), フレーム (Frame)
  • Korean: 코어 디스크 (Core Disc), 프레임 (Frame)
  • French: Disque Forgé 2 Pièces
  • Italian: Disco Forgiato in Due Parti
  • Spanish: Disco de Forja de Dos Piezas
  • Portuguese: Disco de Forja de 2 Partes
  • Russian: Силовой Диск из 2-х частей (2-Part Power Disk)


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