Nine is a Forge Disc released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-66 Booster Lost Longinus Nine Spiral on December 28th, 2016.


Nine features nine downward sloping blades that are meant to create Down Force in left spin and Upper Force in right spin, akin to the blades of Boost, only reversed. However the small size of the blades makes any Down or Upper Force generated negligible. Furthermore, Nine's downward sloping nature of the blades increases the risk of floor scrapes, however the jagged design creates high Burst attack in cases of Disc to Layer contact with the opponent.


While this Disk only generates negligible Down or Upper Force and increases the risk of floor scraps, Nine also creates high Burst attack due to its jagged design. However Nine is still outclassed by many heavier Disks such as Heavy and Gravity and the Disc to Layer contact can increase the risk of Bursts.

As such, Nine is suitable only for collection purposes.


Takara Tomy

  • B-66 Lost Longinus Nine Spiral (blue painted)
  • Lost Longinus Nine Spiral (Crimson Dragon Ver.) (black painted)
  • B-00 Lost Longinus Nine Spiral (gold painted)



Takara Tomy




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