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Outer (アウター, Autā), stylized as Ωuter, is a Forge Disc released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System and SwitchStrike System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-00 Rare Bey Get Battle Prize Booster, Orichalcum Outer Octa, in August 2017. It later debuted in western countries with the release of Hasbro's SwitchStrike Starter Pack, Orichalcum O3 Outer Octa.


A Stamina Disc that specializes in increasing centrifugal force by making its center of gravity as wide as possible on its outside.
— Official Description

Outer features a wide, almost perfectly circular shape with large gaps separating the center from the edge, these gaps are meant to increase Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) to increase Stamina while the circular perimeter increases Life-After-Death. Outer boasts the highest Stamina and Life-After-Death in the game, outclassing 2/4/5/7 Cross/Glaive Core Disc and Disc Frame Combinations while not presenting the same Burst risk as the aforementioned Core Discs and Disc Frames or similar Forge Discs such as Ring due to its weight.

Use in Stamina Combinations

Outer can be put to use in the Stamina Combination Guardian Kerbeus (A Mold God Chip)/Galaxy Zeus/Drain Fafnir/Deep Chaos (A Mold God Chip) Outer Revolve/Atomic. Outer increases Guardian Kerbeus/Galaxy Zeus/Drain Fafnir's and Revolve/Atomic's Stamina, Burst Resistance and Life-After-Death. Galaxy Zeus' heavy weight, Drain Fafnir's Left-Spin nature and Atomic's ball tip increases the Combination's Knock-Out Resistance, allowing the Combination to Out-Spin and withstand Stamina, Defense and Attack Types.


Outer's high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) and weight made it one of the best Stamina Forge Discs in the game. However it has since been outclassed by heavier Core Disc/Disc Frame combinations utilizing 0 and 00, as well as similar Forge Discs such as Wheel and Over.

As such, Outer is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.


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