Fusion Hades AD145SWD (フュージョンハーデスAD145SWD, Fyūjon Hādesu AD145SWD) or Firefuse Darkhelm AD145SWD in the English dub, is a Balance-Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Fury anime. It was released in Random Booster Vol. 9 Fusion Hades on December 28, 2011 in Japan. It is owned by Pluto.

Fusion Hades' features a special gimmick, specifically involving its inclusion of a Rubber Frame on its 4D Fusion Wheel known as Fusion. The Rubber Frame makes opposing Beys bounce off upon impact and is also used for spin-stealing and shock absorbency. Fusion Hades also features a new Performance Tip known as Sharp Wide Defense, a Balance-based Performance Tip primarily composed of a combination between Wide Defense and Sharp.

Hasbro released a variant of Fusion Hades known as Firefuse Darkhelm 145DS in 2012, which uses the DS Performance Tip instead of SWD, and has an altered version of the Fusion 4D Fusion Wheel.

Face Bolt: Darkhelm

The Darkhelm Face Bolt depicts "Pluto", the Roman counterpart of Hades for which this Face Bolt is named after. In Roman Mythology, Pluto (Hades) was one of the twelve Olympians, specifically the God of The Underworld and eldest of his siblings, Jupiter (Zeus) and Neptune (Poseidon). The design of the Face Bolt features a blue, helmet-like design akin to Variares, although there are two sides, the one to the left in which the face of the helmet appears normal, and the one to the right, which appears damaged with cracks in it. There are also various purple flames around Hades' head, along with red eyes printed on a red background.

4D Energy Ring: Darkhelm

  • Weight: 3.0 grams

The Darkhelm 4D Energy Ring is light purple, almost clear in color. It is a completely round Energy Ring and also contains iron fillings inside it, meant to increase its weight. It has various designs of Darkhelm on it. It slightly resembles Hasbro's Pegasus III Energy Ring.

Attack: 3 Defense: 2 Stamina: 2

Clearwheel4d hades.jpg

4D Fusion Wheel: Firefuse

  • Total Weight: 43.8 grams

Rubber Frame

  • Weight: 4.55 grams

The Firefuse Rubber Frame, as its name implies, is made of rubber, much harder than regular rubber. Its main purpose is to make opposing Beyblades bounce off from it upon impact. Also, the Rubber Frame can be used to spin-steal from left-spinning Beyblades such as Gravity Destroyer.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 27.38 grams

Firefuse’s Metal Frame is designed to be able to fit with the Rubber Frame. It has strange linear designs and defensive protrusions.


  • Weight: 12.11 grams

Firefuse’s Core is a basic, circular Core with not much detail. It is designed to hold Fusion's Metal Frame and Rubber Frame in place. On its underside, it showcases various ancient-like designs, one bearing the design of skeletal dragons, which appear to circle around each other into a bigger dragon head in a left-ward motion.


Firefuse can switch between two Modes; 'Balance Mode' and 'Defense Mode'. In 'Balance Mode', Firefuse’s Metal Frame is on top of Firefuse’s Rubber Frame whereas in 'Defense Mode', Fusion's Metal Frame is below the Rubber Frame.

Firefuse appears to perform decently as a moderate Defense-Type Fusion Wheel, working well with Combinations using Spin Tracks such as 85 and BD145, but not so much with taller Spin Tracks such as TH170. It is ill-suited for Stamina or Attack Combinations, as it's rubber interferes with it's metal contact, similar to how Meteo failed as an Attack-Type Wheel due to the L-Drago II Clear Wheel's rubber. But for now, Firefuse appears to be showing decent results for Defense, not the best though; however there is not much testing for Fusion, so this is subject to change in the future.

Frefuse is mainly preferred in Defense Mode. As seen in many YouTube videos, people did battles between the two modes, and Defense Mode wins most of the time. In Defense Mode, it has better stamina than Balance Mode, although it is called "Defense Mode", and as shown in AkirasDaddy's video, the bey spins for about 5 minutes in Defense Mode.

Attack: 2 Defense: 3 Stamina: 2

Spin Track: Armor Defense 145 (AD145)

  • Weight: 2.8 grams

Armor Defense 145 (AD145) is a Spin Track shaped like the head of a funnel, being primarily circular with two curved protrusions that line down, meant to act as armor, hence the name, and to defend against hits from Attack Combinations that use low-height Spin Tracks. This is the same Spin Track used with Gravity Destroyer AD145WD's stock combo, albeit its in a translucent red color. There are also two smaller protrusions between it, creating gaps.

Just like in its original release with the Gravity Fusion Wheel, even though it was labeled for Defense, it was overshadowed by Spin Tracks such as GB145 and 230, as it is unable to absorb hits as efficiently and is too light for Defense Combinations. Due to this, it has found use as a top-tier Spin Track for Stamina Combinations instead, due to its unique design, allowing it to distribute weight more evenly, providing more stamina than a regular 145 Spin Track.

Attack: 0 Defense: 1 Stamina: 2


Performance Tip: Sharp Wide Defense (SWD)

  • Weight: 0.8 grams

Sharp Wide Defense (SWD) is a Balance-oriented Performance Tip first released with Fusion Hades and is an upgraded version of Defense Sharp (DS). As its name states, SWD consists of WD fused with S. While it retains the same appearance as WD, it has a hole at it's bottom. The hole reveals the Sharp Tip protruding upwards. This is similar in manner to DS, abeit SWD's surrounding ring is wider. SWD also bears an uncanny resemblance to EWD, minus the free-spinning bearing. This release of SWD is translucent red in color.

In terms of overall performance, SWD is a rather good Performance Tip for Stamina Combinations, as it does well on combos that use Fusion Wheels such as Scythe, Phantom, and Duo, although failing on certain combos; especially against combos that use WD, as well as on combos using Performance Tips of tall-height like TH170. It is also viable to scrapes on BD145, similar to WD and EDS, but appears equal to WD on other occasions.

Overall, SWD is a good Stamina tip, able to hold its ground against other Stamina Combinations.

Attack: 1 Defense: 3 Stamina: 3

Bottom swd img.jpg


Fusion Hades AD145SWD - Original Version

Firefuse Darkhelm/Fusion Hades AD145SWD


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  • In Roman mythology, Hades' counterpart was Pluto. This is quite fitting, as Firefuse Darkhelm’s owner is named Pluto.
  • The flames surrounding Darkhelm’s Face Bolt motif bear somewhat of a resemblance to the flames at the top of Orion's motif.
  • The evil-like design of Hades's motif may be a reference to the popular belief that in Greek mythology, Hades was an evil-like figure. In reality, even though Pluto was the God of the Dead; he was not evil.
  • Also, Darkhelm’s motif is possibly meant to emulate Hades' Helm of Darkness, a helmet that was given to Hades by the Cyclops to battle The Titans with. Its purpose was to make the wearer invisible. Hades later gave the helm to Perseus, which oddly is the Bey that Hades has the Spin Track of.
  • Fusion Hades was renamed to Firefuse Darkhelm because of the fact that there was already a Fusion Wheel renamed to Hades. Fusion may have been renamed to Firefuse because when someone refers to a Fusion Wheel, there may be confusion on whether it refers to a Beyblade part, or the wheel Fusion.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm is the second Bey to have the AD145 Track, the first being Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm is one of two Beyblades (the other being Cosmic Pegasus F:D) in which it's 4D Fusion Wheel that's made up of three parts.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm is the second Beyblade of the 4D System released with 7 parts, with Cosmic Pegasus 125SF Blue Wing Ver. being the first.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm is the only 4D System Bey with a Rubber Frame.
  • Many 4D Prize Beyblades have printed faces, but Fusion Hades is one of the only ones that doesn't.
  • In the anime, it is used by Pluto to hold off Dynamis and his Jade Jupiter from stopping Proto Nemesis' evolution in that episode. But since then, it never appeared after Diablo Nemesis X:D was created. It then appeared again to hold off Flash Sagittario from creating Zeus's Barrier with the other Beyblades of the Four Seasons, however it was defeated by Flash Sagittario, being sent flying into the ceiling.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm's beast was never shown in the anime.
  • Firefuse Darkhelm is the first right-spin Beyblade with rubber on the metal wheel.
  • Unlike most Random Booster Prize Beys, this Bey does not have a printed facebolt.
  • In Balance Mode, if you look closely at the Clear Wheel and 4D Metal Wheel, it resembles Hades with a crown.
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