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Affects how the top engages with an opponent when they collide in battle.
— Beyblade Metal Masters Rule Book

The Fusion Wheel is a component of Metal Saga Beyblade tops, particularly those of the Hybrid Wheel System and 4D System. This component serves multiple purposes in the function of Beyblade by determining its weight but, more importantly, affecting how they engage other Beyblades in battle.


Light Wheel

Light Wheels (ライトホイール, Raito Hoīru) are Fusion Wheels made of white plastic. They are obtainable only in the three volumes of "Random Booster Light". They may break easily if used against standard metal Fusion Wheels, and therefore are better off as collector's items. They are also featured in the Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime used by generic Beyblades.

Hyperblades Fusion Wheel

Also known as "4D Metal Wheels", Hyperblades Fusion Wheels are multi-part Fusion Wheels that can be configured in different ways for battle functions and combat modes.


  • Japanese: メタルウィール (Metal Wheel)

Name in other languages (Light Wheel)

  • Japanese: ライトウィール (Light Wheel)