• Weight: 29.46 grams

Cyber is styled like a Hybrid Wheel System version of the Metal System Pegasis with a three-winged design. Its original release is painted a crimson red.

Like the original Pegasis Wheel, it was meant for Attack, notably Force Smash. However, in fact, Cyber is even more useless than Pegasis, which at least enjoyed momentary use in competitive Attack types. This Hybrid Wheel System version is lighter than Pegasis in order to compensate for the Clear Wheel on top of it, and its wings are ever so slightly rounder and not as pronounced, which ruins its potential of achieving decent attacks. Having no use in Stamina nor in Defense because of its Recoil, Cyber is outclassed in all fields. Overall, it should be one of the last choices for Attack.

Use in Attack Customization

If you somehow don't have access to competitive Wheels, MF Cyber ____ 145RF is a viable Attack combo, mostly in Hasbro metagames.

Attack: 4 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 1


Cyber Wheel

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