Grand is a Fusion Wheel released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Grand Cetus WD145RS and Grand Cetus T125RS in July 2010.


Grand is thicker than Earth at the thickest point on its interconnected, smooth design. However, it is not as successful defensively, as it is 3.5 grams lighter than the second mold of Earth. On the Grand Fusion Wheel there are six "walls" and with every two walls there is a gap dividing them into three sections. In each section there is a wall with small textured indents; this creates some Recoil, which is never a plus for a Defense-oriented Wheel. Because of this, it does have some Smash Attack, but it is mediocre and is completely outclassed by the multitude of other great Attack-based Wheels available, such as Fusion Wheel - Flash, VariAres, and Blitz.





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