Infinity is a Fusion Wheel released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Infinity Libra GB145S.


Infinity is meant to be a rendition to the original Metal System Libra as it shares the same aesthetics with it being round and interrupted with small indents from the shapes of several balancing scales. However, it has been proven that Infinity's performance as a defensive Fusion Wheel is not as great as many other Fusion Wheels such as Basalt. One major problem is that Infinity is slightly thinner, which reduces the "barrier" that a defensive Bey is suppose to have, and the indents in its design cause slight Recoil. Another significant difference is the difference in weight; Infinity weighs less than most good Metal Wheels in general, which thus allows it to be knocked around with ease. In other words, although it may resemble the Libra Wheel, it only holds a portion of the potential that Metal System Wheel possessed, and therefore did not live anywhere near the expectations held for it.

Having no Attack potential with its circular shape, Infinity is an outclassed Fusion Wheel, and should only be used as a replacement for Earth, Basalt, Libra, Death, Duo or Diablo when all the aforementioned are not available.





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