Poison is a Fusion Wheel released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Poison Serpent SW145SD


Weight: 29.8 grams Full Width: 46 mm Full Height: 9 mm Circumference Height: 5.3 mm Protrusion Distance: 4 mm Protrusion Width: 8 mm

Poison has fifteen rectangular protrusions on its circumference, each the same size and about 4 mm apart at the widest point. While this is not wide enough to provide useful Smash Attack, it still produces relatively large amounts of Recoil, making this part useless for Defense or Stamina. Furthermore, similar to Flame, the Metal Wheel is raised at the base, exposing the Track to opposing Beys, making it even less useful for Defense purposes. This Recoil is worsened by the light weight of the Wheel, which allows it to be easily knocked around and KO'ed by opposing Beys. This means it has little to no use for Attack either. Due to these factors, Poison has absolutely no competitive use.


Takara Tomy

Poison Serpent SW145SD

Poison Scorpio M145Q

Poison Pegasus ED145JB

Poison Fireblaze WA130SD

Poison Giraffe S130MB



Takara Tomy




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