Vulcan is a Fusion Wheel released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Vulcan Horuseus 145D on October 21st, 2010.


The Vulcan Fusion Wheel has a total of two semi-circular prominences and two smaller wings painted with two red stripes that give breath to its design. Upon closer inspection, the two prominences have slight slopes that suggest the Fusion Wheel's capability of Upper Attack. Despite the fact that these sloped areas are major contact points, they do not provide Upper Attack; however, they do provide Smash Attack. Between the two prominences are the two smaller wings, which are also major contact points.

Vulcan has fallen into disuse following the introduction of RS and other rubber-based Defense Bottoms, as it has a hard time KOing such bottoms. It is now heavily outclassed by other Fusion Wheels such as VariAres and Blitz.

Mold Variations

Vulcan has two different molds. The first was only used for the initial Limited Edition release, while the second was used for Random Booster Vol.7 Beat Lynx and all Hasbro releases, and features a thicker tail end to Vulcan's walls, though as Vulcan is not known to be a fragile part the reason for this change is unclear. As a result of this additional material the second mold has an average weight of 33.2g compared to the 32.1g of the original, making it one of the heavier Fusion Wheels produced by Takara Tomy.

The increased weight noticeably reduces Recoil, increasing Vulcan's Attack ability against most opponents. However, against same-height opponents the additional metal slightly obstructs Vulcan's contact points, making it no more effective than the first mold, albeit with most losses coming by failure to KO the opponent rather than being knocked out as a result of its own Recoil.

Still, as it is no worse than the original in any given match up and noticeably more effective against most opponents, the second mold is preferred for competitive use, though it is still not a significant enough improvement to allow Vulcan to threaten heavyweights such as Basalt, Duo and the many Synchrom Defense customizations introduced by Beyblade Zero-G.




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