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Gaia Dragoon (ガイアドラグーン Gaia Doragūn) is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Spin Gear System. This Beyblade is a Takara exclusive. It is owned by Daichi Sumeragi.

It is succeeded by Gaia Dragoon V in the toyline and anime. In the manga sequel Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising, it reappears and is later succeeded by Gaia Dragoon Around Hunter'.


Gaia Dragoon is a CoroCoro Comic Limited Beyblade.

Bit Chip: Gaia Dragoon[]

This Bit Chip depicts Gaia Dragoon.

Attack Ring: Great Dragon[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Great Dragon

This purple Attack Ring depicts two large protruding dragon heads on opposite sides, forming an overall oval shape. It also is capable of holding a Sub-Attack Ring. It comes with a clear orange version of the wing S-AR. Due to how thin the Attack Ring is it breakage issues, and suffers unavoidable recoil due to how far the dragon heads stick out.

Weight Disk: Heavy Attack[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Heavy Attack

Heavy Attack is a part of the Heavy Series of Weight Disks. It is shaped like a hexagon, much like Six Heavy, but has circular notches on each vertex. While this is supposed to give more Attack power to the Beyblade, it is highly unlikely this Weight Disk will ever make contact with an opponent due to how small the Weight Disk is. Since Heavy Attack is lighter, and doesn't offer any helpful Attack, Ten Heavy is a superior choice in Defense, Compact, and One-Hit-KO combinations. This Weight Disk is only useful for those who do not own a better Weight Disk from the Heavy Series.

Spin Gear: Right Spin (G Ball)[]

Main article: Spin Gear - Right Spin Gear (G Ball)

Right Spin Gear (G Ball) has the normal casings around it, but the main core is a unique version that only works with Gaia Dragoon G Special Base. It contains a single metal ball, and 4 square shapes used to hold the ball bearings in place, inside the base. Since it does not work with any other Base, this Spin Gear has no use in competitive play.

Blade Base: Gaia Dragoon G Special Base[]

Main article: Blade Base - Gaia Dragoon G Special Base

This Blade Base contains 4 metal balls. The Spin Gear's G Ball core hold the balls down inside of the Base. The tip is a translucent yellow flat tip. This Base has poor stability due to the protrusions on the Base that hold the ball bearings. Due to its lack of high speed movement and scraping issues, Gaia Dragoon G Special Base should never be considered for any type of customization in competitive play.

Other Versions[]

Yellow (BeyBooster S) (Secret) Red Blue (Random Booster 7) Black (Random Booster 7)


Gaia Dragoon, while an interesting release, does not contain any competitively useful parts. It should only be bought for collection purposes.




In the Media[]


Gaia Dragoon is Daichi Sumeragi's first Beyblade and first one with a Bit-Beast but since the movie is not canon, technically Strata Dragoon V is his first in the anime. It was given to him right before his father passed away. Daichi challenges Tyson's Dragoon V2 and loses, setting loose the Dark Sacred Bit-Beasts. It debuted in Beyblade: The Movie - Fierce Battle, and evolves into Strata Dragoon V after defeating Daichi defeats the Dark Sacred Bit-Beasts. In episode 40 of G-Revolution, this bey appears in a flashback as Daichi's first bey. The flashback shows Daichi launching the bey at a tree only for it to hit a hornet nest, angering them and chasing Daichi.


Gaia Dragoon is Daichi Sumeragi's first Beyblade and first one with a Bit-Beast. It debuted in Meeting Daichi!! where it is revealed that it was given to him right before his father passed away.


  • Gaia Dragoon was selected as one of 15 finalists in a poll held from August 7 to August 13, 2023 to select the next Beys for the X Series X-Over Project.