The Galaxy Turbo Twister (Japanese: 銀河爆旋風弾(ギャラクシーターボツイスター)) is the Special Move used by Tyson Granger with Dragoon GT. This move has featured in various media including anime and manga.


In The Manga

The Galaxy Turbo Twister, as its presented, is a rapid charge attack that engulfs the Beyblade in wind barrier which generates a tornado vortex in its wake. The move relies upon the Turbo Left Engine Gear to power the move, using the instant boost to rotational power to explosively increase the Beyblade's Speed, Agility and Attack. When referring to art panels, the Galaxy Turbo Twister shows the Beyblade (Dragoon GT) cloaked in rapidly-churning MFBZG attribute sky icon v2 Sky tornado while charging at the target.

In The Anime

As it's presented in the TV series, the Galaxy Turbo Twister is depicted as powerful, multi-vortex tornado generated by the instantenous power boost of Dragoon-GT's Engine Gear. Taking the form of a dragoon-like effigy, the entity unleashes a super-charged tornado that splinters into multiple vortexes, capable attacking multiple opponents and sweeping them into the air.


In The Manga

The manga debut of the Galaxy Turbo Twister was chapter 35 of Beyblade. During the events of the chapter, Tyson and Daichi Sumeragi face-off against Raul and Julia Fernandez of F-Dynasty during the G・B・C. Tyson had recently upgraded to the newly constructed Dragoon GT, but has a rough start at the beginning of the match due to an earlier arm injury[1]. But with the help of his teammate and his Strata Dragoon G, Tyson mounts a comeback victory, using the Galaxy Turbo Twister to overpower F-Dynasty's Fuerza Valiente and secure the win for the Bladebreakers.

The next appearance (and final appearance) of the move would be in chapter 36 of the Beyblade manga with the arrival of Ken Daiba (Japanese: ケン・ダイバ), the president of the G.B.C. executive committee and legendary Blader in his youth, who introduces the Heavy Metal System for the 3rd stage of the competition. He proceeds to challenge the tournament competitors and demonstrates the power of the H.M.S. Beyblade. Tyson attempts to end the battle with the Dragoon-GT and unleashes the Galaxy Turbo Twister, but Ken's Beyblade evades the move effortlessly before delivering the knockout blow for a Sleep Out Finish.

In The Anime

The anime debut of the Galaxy Turbo Twister was during "Beyblade: G-Revolution" episode 27 titled, "What a Blast!". In this episode, the team of the BBA Revolution battle the F-Dynasty team in a 2-on-2 match. During the course of the match, Tyson and Daichi strategically corner their opposition atop the stadium tower where Tyson uses Daichi's special attack, the Great Cutter, to enhance his own attack; unleashing the Galaxy Turbo Twister which secures the win for the BBA Revolution.

This special attack would make several other appearances following its debut. The next being in episode 29 "And Then There Were Two" and its final appearance during episode 37 "The Bega Challenge".


While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "ギャラクシーターボツイスター" when transliterating from the proper kanji the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 銀河 旋風
Hiragana ぎんが ばく せんぷう だん
Transliteration Ginga Baku Senpū Dan
Rough translation (astronomy) galaxy bomb a whirlwind pellet, bullet, shot, shell
Translation Galactic Blast



  • In the debut scene of the English dub, Tyson announced the move as "Turbo Galaxy Twister!".


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