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Galaxy Turbo Twister is the special move used by Tyson Granger and his Dragoon GT.


And is the special attack of Tyson Granger and his Bey Dragoon Galaxy Turbo . To win the match against F-Dynasty (Julia and Raul Fernandez), known as aces in team matches, Tyson is using this move. After Tyson pronounces the name of his move, Dragoon Galaxy Turbo gets a turbo addition, so Dragoon appears. Then Dragoon opens his mouth to let out two strong tornadoes. The opposing Bey can not possibly escape the Twin Tornado and is thus promoted out of the arena.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

Turbo Galaxy Twister appears for the first time in the third season Beyblade-G Revolution in episode 27 " Who's in the final? "