Galeon 2 is a Balance-type Beyblade and was Lee's second Beyblade. This was released by Takara in Random Booster 9 as one of the three prize beyblades. Hasbro never released it however.

Bit Chip (BC): Galeon (Second Version)

The chip depicts Galeon.

Attack Ring (AR): Howling Leo

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Wide

  • Weight: 14 Grams

Spin Gear (SP):Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

  • Weight: 4 Grams

Blade Base (BB) SG Semi Flat Base

  • Weight: 7 Grams





Other Versions

  • Orange ver (Random Booster 9)
  • Green ver (Random Booster 9)


This beyblade along with Random Booster 9 in general is very rare especially the black prize version and should only be bought for collection purposes.

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