Galux (ガルクス, Garukusu) is an Anime Exclusive Spin Gear System Beyblade. It is owned by Mariah in the Original Series.


Galux is a pink Beyblade with a Bit Chip depicting Galux. It uses the War Lynx Attack Ring. The Attack Ring is bi-symmetrical, decorated with white jagged patterns resembling claws. The Weight Disk is an Eight Heavy. Like most of the Beyblades featured in Beyblade: 2000, it contains a Right Spin Gear. It has the SG Semi-Flat Blade Base.



  • This Beyblade hasn't been released. Although it was not manufactured into a real beyblade, it bears a superficial resemblance to Galeon Attacker. A Bit Chip was made available as part of a limited edition Bit Chip Booster Pack. There are also various pink repaints of Galeon Attacker (one of which has the red and yellow decals with Galux written on them and the Galux Bit Chip) included in the Booster Pack.

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