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Galux (ガルクス, Garukusu) is an Anime Exclusive Spin Gear System Beyblade. It is owned by Mariah in the Original Series.

Bit Chip - Galux[]

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This chip depicts Galux.

Attack Ring - War Lynx[]

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Attack Ring - War Lynx

Weight Disk - Eight Wide[]

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13 grams

As the name implies, the Wide series of WDs are some of the widest Weight Disks available. Along with having a large diameter, the bulk of the mass on a Wide WD is visibly focused around the perimeter. They are also noticeably lighter than Heavy and even Balance Weight Disks.

Spin Gear - Right SG[]

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Right Spin Gears allow for right spin when used in tandem with Right-Spin Shooters. In a Right-Spin Spin Gear, two tabs (situated close to the right sides of the Spin Gear) would attach to the Right-Spin Shooter, allowing a Beyblade to be spun clockwise.

They have plastic casing surrounding a metal ring and gear which is placed into the Blade Base and held in place by base clips. The core (centre pieces) is not interchangeable in Standard Spin Gears. Different variations have now been released that feature weights, bearings and even an engine inside the Spin Gear.

Blade Base - Metal Ball Base[]

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Metal Ball Base is the most valuable part in this Beyblade. It has the screw-in base from the 4-layer system which gives the impression of it being out of date, but it is still a good defense type base in due to the additional weight that can be added to it. MBD comes with one set of metal balls that go inside the BB.

When spinning rapidly, the metal balls in MBD's base roll up the ramps inside to a position closer to the outside of the blade. This gives a higher center of gravity and increased stability, due to a more uniform distribution of overall weight. As the blade slows down, the force of gravity overcomes the centrifugal force and the metal balls roll back down the ramps towards the center of the blade. This hampers balance and stability, but increases spin time. The concept is to essentially remain motionless (in the lateral plane) for the first half of the battle, and then outlast the opponent's blade near the end. However, the design is somewhat flawed, in that the ramps aren't very steep at all, so nearly any rotational motion causes the metal balls to slide up the ramps.



  • This Beyblade hasn't been released. Although it was not manufactured into a real Beyblade, it bears a superficial resemblance to Galeon Attacker. A Bit Chip was made available as part of a limited edition Bit Chip Booster Pack. There are also various pink repaints of Galeon Attacker (one of which has the red and yellow decals with Galux written on them and the Galux Bit Chip) included in the Booster Pack.
  • Galux's bitchip sticker changes color in various adaptations. In its CCG card its white and red, In GRevolution is blue and red, and in Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising its white and yellow