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Gargole Ifraid SA165GCF (ガーゴルイフレイドSA165GCF, Gāgoru Ifureido SA165GCF) is a Sky Synchrome Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as a part of the BBG-24 Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type.

Shogun Face Bolt - Ifraid

Main article: Shogun Face Bolt - Ifraid

This Shogun Face Bolt depicts "Ifrit", supernatural creatures from Islamic mythology associated with fire.

As with all Shogun Face Bolts, the Hasbro release of Ifrit is cross-shaped rather than the round diamond shape of its Takara Tomy Stone Face counterpart.

Warrior Wheel - Ifraid

Chromewheel ifraid.jpg
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Ifrit is a Warrior Wheel with various curves and edges. Ifrit features a fire details, with flames curving around the top, where the hole of the "crystal" from the Element Wheel fits into. The face of Ifrit is featured on the bottom of the Warrior Wheel, with spiked protrusions. Ifrit is one of the best Warrior Wheels for upper attack.

Warrior Wheel - Gargole

Chromewheel gargole.jpg
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Gargole

Gargole is most intriguing in that it is the first Chrome Wheel that is not asymmetrical. Compromised with five bumps, Gargole's two sides typically see six dents and gaps acting as holes with small spikes beneath them; possibly to allow for improved air flow and overall better Stamina. The gaps are somewhat large with thin walls to support them. Another interesting aspect is of the gargoyles chomping the hole created for the Crystal Wheel while Gargole's gaps and dents act as the body and quite possibly, its own skeleton. It finally ends with two claws meeting each other at the bottom, probably the footed claws of the gargoyles.

Spin Track - Switch Attack 165

Track sa img.jpg
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  • Weight: 6.18 grams

Reminiscent of Armor 145, SA165 also has a wide, parabolic shape around its core which is completely hollow except for the rigid sides forming the parabola. This latter piece can be removed, flipped, and inserted back on the core of the Track to build another mode which is more likely to touch the stadium floor, especially in Zero-G Stadiums. The parabolic part is not perfectly smooth however, as it has linear ridges going towards the core, and its outermost circumference is full of small spikes, much like GCF. Its diameter is considerable though.

  • Normal Mode

When the parabola is ascending, with its diameter increasing toward the top, SA165 is in Normal Mode. Its wide perimeter is closest to the Metal Wheel or Chrome Wheel and offers a reinforcement to it.

  • Zero-G Attack Mode

If the parabolic piece is flipped so that it forms a skirt that hangs over the Bottom rather than embraces the Chrome Wheel or Metal Wheel above, this Track is in Zero-G Attack Mode since it reproduces the wide diameter of efficient Zero-G Attack Bottoms such as GCF and CF.

Performance Tip - Gear Circle Flat

Bottom gcf img.jpg
Main article: Performance Tip - Gear Circle Flat

Gear Circle Flat (GCF) is a variant of Circle Flat, and as the name suggests, resembles Circle Flat with a gear-like design. Gear-like ridges line the outer ring, and also appear inside the protrusion, where the flat tip is. The tip of Gear Circle Flat is also wider than Circle Flat, and is comparable to Extreme Flat (XF).



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