The Gatling Claw (Japanese: ガトリングクロー) is a Special Move used by Ray Kon with his Driger G. This move is exclusive to the "Beyblade: G-Revolution" anime and has not been featured in any other media.


The Gatling Claw is a barrage attack that summons illusions to fight. At Ray's command, his Bey becomes energized in an eruption of green electricity, increasing its Speed and Agility. In this state, the Bey creates multiple clones of itself as tiger-shaped electricity and attacks the enemy Bey.


The Gatling Claw debuted during "Beyblade: G-Revolution" episode 07 "Take Your Best Shot!" in Ray's battle against Lee in the final match of Block B in the Chinese qualification tournament for the third Beyblade World Championships.

Since its debut, the Gatling Claw would make numerous other appearances. The next being in episode 12 "When in Rome...Let it Rip!", episode 19 "One For All...Free For All" and its final appearance during episode 23 "Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face Off!".



  • This special move is the anime counterpart to the Gatling Fang. Both being the signature move of the Driger G in the respective media.


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