The Gatling Claw Maximum (Japanese: ガトリングクローマキシマム) is a Special Move used by Ray Kon with his Driger G and was featured exclusively in the "Beyblade: G-Revolution" anime.


A general interpretation describes the "Gatling Claw Maximum" as move that super-charges the Beyblade with green electrical energy generated by Ray himself, allowing it to move and act at imperceptible speeds.

In more detail, the scene depicts Ray generating huge amounts of green electricity as his hair flutters wildly in the air and his muscles bulge all around his body. His eyes glow an intense golden light as he gathers his strength and shoots a stream of green lightning into the sky, with the ground crumbling beneath him. The lightning bolt strikes his Beyblade (Driger G), illuminating it in an intense green glow before speeding off into a high-speed assault.


This move first debuted during the second match of the third World Championship semi-final round between Kai and Ray. During an intense battle, Ray unleashes the Gatling Claw Maximum, which Kai counters with his Blazing Gigs Tempest. Despite its tremendous speed, Kai manages to immobilize Ray's Bey with his storm of feathers and ejected it from the stadium, winning the battle.

Ray would deploy this move again following the conclusion of the third annual Beyblade World Championship in a private battle against Tyson. Ray unleashes the Gatling Claw Maximum at the climax of their battle, with Tyson countering with his Galaxy Turbo Twister. As the two special attacks collide, Ray is swept up into the wind vortex along with his Beyblade. This exhausts the remainder of Driger G's stamina as it crashes to the ground, ending the match.




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